About Me

Unveiling the Writer

I'm a 23 year old English Literature and Creative Writing graduate who dreams of being a journalist one day. This blog is for me to hone in on my skills, practice my creative writing and spew my thoughts on the things I find interesting. Some of it you might find controversial, some of it may make you smile and some of it may make you sad but nonetheless, I hope it has some form of effect on you. 

Feedback encouraged

Outside of my full-time job, I write for Bitten Oxford (Oxford's leading Food and Drink Review Website) and occasionally for Oxinabox. I have also written for the Witney Gazette and Oxford Mail, writing about where to eat and drink in Witney. 

On top of all this, I have done Proofreading for University Students, mostly foreign or dyslexic, and charge really fair rates, having been a poor student myself. 

In my current full-time job role, I do a lot of Copy-Writing and Editorial work for my companies website, reports and other documents, as and when they need it doing.